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We Are EQUALS - Have Your Say

EQUALS is a partnership of leading charities brought together by Annie Lennox to use the centenary of International Women’s Day to renew the call for a more equal world. The EQUALS coalition will prompt a big debate about what inequality looks like 100 years after the very first International Women’s Day.

This blog was created & designed as an accompaniment for the EQUALS website, which was created by the EQUALS design team.

News about upcoming events, fashion, music and much more is distributed by the EQUALS team and guest bloggers. It is also shared on EQUALS many social networking sites.

Here are some of the site features:

  • Image carousel on front page that cycles through 10 images of an EQUALS photoshoot.
  • The client has the ability to log in to the website and post an article themselves, which can include photos, streaming music & video.
  • When new posts are created by the client, they appear as 'panels' on the front page of the blog. These panels contain excerpts of the main post
  • Every article has links for users to share the information by email, social networks and social bookmarking services.
  • The blog is neatly integrated in to the existing EQUALS website
  • The header contains links to EQUALS Social networks on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Vimeo and Flickr
  • RSS Feed button for subscribing to the blog's posts
  • Blogroll & 'Our Links' sections with links to related and affiliated blogs and websites
  • Full blog search functionality

To see the WeAreEQUALS Twitter page, also created by Electric Button, click here.