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E-Commerce Sites

Websites that contain a full on-line store.

City Sounds Music Ltd.

City Sounds Music Ltd. is an independent music retailer based in Welwyn Garden City. This full on-line store contains hundreds of products and features advanced E-Commerce functionality.

Functions included with this website:

Home page / Global features:

  • Full online E-Commerce store, with payment taken through PayPal
  • All products searchable using 'live searches' - start typing in the search box and relevant results start appearing immediately.
  • Home page slider advertising various product sections - automatic, but also has manual user control
  • Fade-in drop down menus to navigate to any product section quickly & easily
  • Featured products section on home page

Product pages feature:

  • Product pages with 'lightbox' images that pop out and expand when the preview image is clicked for a zoomed in product view
  • Featured products down the side of every page which changes each time a new page is loaded
  • Detailed product information

Advanced E-Commerce functions:

  • Client can add, edit and remove products
  • Delivery prices automatically calculated using product weight, or separately calculated using a pre-set flat fee
  • Tax automatically calculated
  • 'Your Account' section, customers details are automatically retained
  • Checkout - sidebar checkout visible on every page & main checkout page with quantity adjustment and tax / delivery information
  • Latest products section on every page

Morph Mattresses

This website is a complete E-Commerce solution for a local memory foam mattress and bedding company, designed to the client's specifications.

The website features:

Home page / Global features:

  • Featured sale products on home page
  • Drop down menu navigation to choose brand by product type
  • Drop down menu to search for products by size
  • Shopping basket
  • Breadcrumb navigation (i.e. "Home > Products > Mattresses > Mattress Brand")
  • PayPal integration with payments accepted for all major credit / debit cards and PayPal accounts

Product pages feature:

  • Grid view of products while browsing a brand or size range, with thumbnail images and information summary
  • Product image slide shows, automatic but with manual controls
  • Detailed product information laid out in an easy to read format
  • Sliding product 'brochure', automatic but with manual control
  • Customer product ratings - 10 star ranking system
  • Social media integration - share products with email contacts or social networks & social bookmarking sites
  • Related products section

Other pages:

  • Why Choose Morph - information about the company and proprietor
  • Contact Us - Company details & contact form